Mari.High school student

Hi and welcome to my messy Tumblr.

I mostly post and reblog things about Hello!Project and AKB48.
But you will find also posts related to Doll$Boxx, Cheeky Parade,, Arashi, Keiko Kitagawa, Ayaka Komatsu and Nishii Yukito.

+ some random stuff and my personal fangirling.

To help to navigate you can find link next to this description that say "Tags for help". If you are looking things of certain subject that might help you.

I also make gifs. You can check them out by clinking the link, that's also next to this text, that says "My gifs"
I'm always open to requests. So if you want to request gifs feel free to do so. I normally don't get any requests so I just do gifs of things that I like.

My ask box is open always and for everyone. I have been told that I'm good listener so if you need or want to talk to me please do so~ Life can be lonely if no one talks. :w:
Yes wonderland!